Chulmleigh Academy Trust

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Vision and Values

Our Vision: Ambition and Inspiration

Chulmleigh Academy Trust has a clear vision: to inspire and motivate the children in our care, to encourage and develop their aspirations, and to ensure that they leave our care with everything they need, personally and academically, to go on to achieve their ambitions.  

We aim to be an Outstanding Academy Chain, with all of our schools being in the top quintile for attainment, progress and attendance measures, for all schools nationally.

Our Values

Chulmleigh Academy Trust has the following values that underpin all that we do.

i. Every child matters 

  • We are child-centred.
  • The learning and progress of every child is of ultimate importance to us.
  • We adopt a holistic approach to education valuing academic and personal and social development.

ii. Positive relationship

  • To learn and work together we consider positive relationships, which demonstrate respect and empathy and contribute to outstanding outcomes and community cohesion.

iii. Improving life chances through learning and achievement

  • We know and understand that education contributes significantly to the future life chances of young people. We aim to give all young people a good educational base that enables them to make future options in their life and career pathways.

iv. Working with others for high achievement

  • We consider learning to be a collaborative and interactive process.
  • At our schools pupils will help and support each other.

v. Integrity 

  • We consider integrity to be a fundamental basis on which we can provide outstanding education.
  • Integrity permeates our culture and offers a moral framework
  • We aim for unity and consistency and to act with genuineness.  

vi. Inclusivity

  • We are an inclusive Trust.
  • We welcome all pupils irrespective of gender, ability, religion, sexuality, race, and culture.
  • We believe that inclusivity is about access to learning and we take actions to remove barriers to participation and learning. 
  • We aim to eliminate discrimination and promote equality.

vii. Feeling safe

  • Every person in our schools has the right to feel safe.
  • We know when pupils feel safe, they learn better and are happier.
  • We do not tolerate bullying.