Chulmleigh Academy Trust

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Chulmleigh College

Chulmleigh College, Chulmleigh, Devon, EX18 7AA

Teaching Staff

To contact any member of staff, please call 01769 580215 or email and your message will be forwarded on for a response.

Humanities - (RPE, Geography, History & Sociology) Head of Department - Mrs Amy Eaton
Dr Catherine McMahon     
Miss Josephine Hockin
Mr Conrad Stevens
Mr Peter Covington
Mr Neil Payne
Mr Michael Johnson
Mr Richard Brock

Maths - Head of Department - Mrs Julie Button          
Mr Andrew Crossley
Mr Martin Griffiths
Mr Dan White    
Mr Jeremy Tudge   
Miss Hani James
Mrs Rachael Marshall

English - Head of Department - Ms Rosemary Cheetham        
Miss Bethany Heeney     
Miss Joanna Nunn     
Mrs Kay Burks
Mrs Kerry Greenwood
Mr Patrick Garrett 
Miss Keavie Wreford

Science - Head of Department - Ms Zoe Sterland            
Mrs Caroline Tancock             
Mr Eli Jenkinson          
Mrs Kayleigh Parker
Miss Laura Minton    
Mrs Naomi McDonald
Miss Hani James

MFL - Head of Department - Mrs Laetitia Johnson
Mrs Tina Davey                         
Mrs Veronique Chauvin
Mrs Charlotte Payne        

PE - Head of Department - Mrs Gemma Markham
Mr Daniel Harrison
Mrs Victoria Berry
Mr Steve Foster 

Business Studies - Head of Department - Mrs Amy Eaton
Miss Kelly Dighton

Expressive Arts - Head of Department - Ms Sara Feasey

Miss Sophie Chapman
Ms Gail Berriman
Ms Sara Feasey    
Mr James Cookson

Creative Technologies - Head of Department - Mr Jamie Pearce
Design & Technology
Mr Matt Sykes   
Ms Gail Berriman
Food Technology
Mrs Jill Hogg
Computer Science
Ms Lorna Talbot
Miss Kelly Dighton