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1st Dolton's Golden Fab Five!

College students achieve highest Scout Troop award

Congratulations to Bradley Bourner, Ashleigh Chambers, Catherine Herniman, James McCulloch and William Risdon of 1st Dolton Scout Troop who have been awarded The Chief Scouts Gold Award, the highest honour in Scout Troop.

The award is made up of 9 Challenges of which participants must complete a minimum of 8.  They are:-

Community - Local community service totalling at least 6 hours, taking part in local fundraising.

Fitness – Spend six weeks agreeing to an activity or training programme, explaining the dangers and harmful effects of smoking, alcohol and drugs and the importance of good diet and sleep.

Creative – Crafts, performing, Problem Solving, Construction & Worship

Global – Take part in a Troop or Patrol activity in another country, internet jamboree.  (Catherine Herniman joined another troop while in Australia, Ashleigh Chambers took part in an internet jamboree and all five went to an international camp for a week)

Promise – Commitment to the Scout Promise & Law, play a full part in at least two troop forums and attendance at the St. Georges Day and Remembrance services.

(Ashleigh Chambers has done two readings in the church). 

Outdoor – Spend at least two nights away, pitch a tent, light a fire, cook a meal and so on.

Plus any two of these:

Outdoor Plus – this includes two nights away, planning a balanced meal, demonstrating safety with an axe and/or saw, leading the preparation of a meal for a group, cooking a backwoods meal, building a working camp gadget.

Adventure – participate in at least three different activities – eg hiking, orienteering, canoeing, dragon boat, rafting.  Know about the safety rules and equipment needs; know the activities affects on the environment, further develop your interest in the activities you have chosen.

Expedition – participate in a two-day expedition with a least three friends.  During the expedition, play a full part in the team, journey for a least four hours each day use a map to keep track of where you are, stay overnight at a hostel or campsite.

Three out of the five scouts who achieved their Chief Scouts Gold Award completed all nine challenges.