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Chulmleigh Community College

Chulmleigh Community College, Chulmleigh, Devon, EX18 7AA

7th May - Voting Day!

Mock Election reflects the nation

Students at Chulmleigh Community College have demonstrated that young people have a real interested in politics.

After several weeks of fierce campaigning from the dedicated candidates representing the main parties it was a delight to see long queues of students forming outside our ‘polling station’.  Enthusiasm and participation was high with 63 % of the College taking the time to vote.

The result, a Conservative win, echoed the mood of the country.  The Green party came in a close second with UKIP in third.

The success of the project, initiated by the Labour candidate Sam Campling and UKIP candidate Ben Cain, lay not only in the large turn out on the day but also in the increased awareness and interest in politics that the campaign has generated.

A former Chulmleigh student stood as a candidate in the ‘real’ elelection in the local area and it seems that there are more with aspirations to have a say in the running of our country.  We certainly hope that the majority of our students will go on and put their votes to good use in future elections.

Candidates: Ben Cain - UKIP, Sam Campling - Labour, Liam Kienle -  Green, Tim Laarveld - Conservative, Tyler Wyatt - Liberal.